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We provide free biblical counseling for men, couples and teens dealing with life's most difficult issues - depression, anxiety, sexual addiction

Over the years I have counseled many men who struggle with sexual sin in one way or another. Many marital problems are due to chronic use of pornography by the husband or wife.

I think the biggest obstacle that men face as they are trying to overcome habitual  sin is their inability to receive forgiveness from the Lord. I hear men say that God can't forgive what they have done. How could He?

 The truth is that there is no person who has ever lived or ever will live who can earn forgiveness from God. Our forgiveness is a free gift from God.

The men I have counseled truly believe they can change. They just don't know how. They know they need to stop. But what they forget is that they must start doing something else or their old sin rushes back in to fill the vacuum left by their abstinence. The Bible gives us the answers in a few different places.